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IGEM Annual Conference 2019

Published on 2 September 2019

gAvilar B.V. will exhibit at the IGEM Annual Conference 2019 in Loughborough,
Leicestershire, on September 18.

Pieter Klijs and Erik Blomjous will introduce to you the latest gas network control innovations from the Netherlands, such as compact sized
Pressure Reduction, high-end domestic regulators, cost-effective Biomethane Grid Entry and safe Hydrogen control for the built environment.

Biomethane Grid Entry Unit   -   Bio2Grid           

  • Installed base:  20+ systems,  from 120 to 10.000 m3/h
  • Standard SaaS web portal, or customized controls
  • Reliable, Safe & Cost-effective!

 LP domestic meter regulators   -   WMR & gAR6

  • Proven product lifespan: 40 years (NL)
  • No POM materials in the gas flow: also suitable for green gas mixtures
  • PRS/3, EN 88 or KE11 compliant, BSI certified, Achilles UVDB qualified 

New Developments for hydrogen and gas mixtures

  • H2 regulator with sensor-controlled safety shut-off
  • Advanced Volume Corrector with energy measurement
  • Odorization unit and Grid Entry solutions for hydrogen

We are looking forward to welcome you at the gAvilar booth at the Holywell Park Conference Centre on September 18. 

gAvilar B.V.
160 years’ experience in gas control technology