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1st green gas Booster commissioned

Published on 5 April 2024

Press release Enexis:

By building this intermediate booster we will soon be able to supply more green gas

We are fully committed to green gas and are therefore installing the first green gas intermediate booster in Wijster in Drenthe.

This booster makes it possible to transport local gas to more customers via high-pressure gas networks.
This is necessary when the local demand for gas is lower than the supply, which is mainly the case in the summer.

With this booster, green gas producers can inject approximately two million m³ of additional green gas annually.
This is equivalent to the gas consumption of approximately 1,600 homes in Drenthe.

Investing in green gas is a priority

"In the energy transition, we are making the transition from a centrally supplied natural gas network to decentralized
generation input of sustainable green gas. The gas always flowed in one direction: from Groningen to all corners of the
country." says Michiel van Dam, innovation manager and expert in green gas at Enexis.

"The green gas booster is an innovation that enables two-way traffic on the gas network. This makes it possible
increasing supply of locally supplied green gas finding its way to places where there is demand, also in the summer."

We will invest heavily in our gas network in the coming years to feed approximately 800 million m³ of gas by 2030.
make it possible. This is equivalent to the gas consumption of approximately 600,000 households. To achieve this goal,
we will install ten boosters in the coming years, the first of which will be in Drenthe.

The first green gas intermediate booster in the Enexis network will be installed and put into use this summer."

At gAvilar we are very proud that we can contribute to this important mission together with Enexis.
Together we work towards a greener future, in which sustainability and energy transition are central!

Below is an impression of the installation;