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Service and maintenance

In order to prevent disruption to (natural gas) installations as much as possible, we can offer you a preventative maintenance subscription. Your installation is fully inspected and tested by technically qualified personnel once per year, as part of which the findings and recommendations are compiled into a written report. Subsequent repairs are scheduled if necessary, in order to minimise undesirable corrective maintenance in the event of disruption. If desired, we can also keep service components in stock for you.

Our Services

We are ready for giving advice, project management, construction, commissioning renovation and customized projects. Many natural gas measuring and control stations are obsolete and are equipped with devices having replacement parts out of production. In many situations, replacement can construct on the existing incoming and outgoing pipes to a new facility by overhead that meets the current legislation. If the incoming and outgoing pipes are in bad shape we can also replace it for you.

We can also design systems for gasses other than natural gas. Think of examples like CO2, nitrogen and compressed air. For the injection of green gas, we have developed a sophisticated system which ensures that only gas which is fed to satisfy the Infeed Conditions into the public gas grid.

It is no coincidence that we are professionals in the field of (natural gas), measurement and control.

Station renovation

Station after renovation


Regular and proper maintenance extends the life of your installation. A service contract also gives you priority when troubleshooting outages. Because each situation is different, gAvilar offers a choice between three types of agreements, all of which are tailored to meet your specific needs.

In short: Service and Maintain what you would like to have organized in a proper manner!

Agreements Basic Basic plus All in
Periodic inspections within 4 years
Conforms SCIOS
Annual comprehensive maintenance (B-control), including the preparation of a report and periodic maintenance checklist according SCIOS
A malfunction would be taken as a priority within 24 hours of treatment
Discount on material price
Complete overhaul of all the soft parts (seals, o-rings, etc.) that are subject to aging
1 x per 10 years


gAvilar is SCIOS certified by executing the required Periodic Inspection (PI) and Periodic Maintenance (PM) by SCIOS guidelines scope 7a and 7b. We also carry out a First or Special Inspection (FSI). This inspection takes place once when commissioning a natural gas plant.

As the owner/operator of a combustion plant, you are responsible for ensuring that it complies with the statutory requirements. You need to maintain the gas pressure reducer in accordance to the NEN-EN 15001-2 which states that you should execute a Periodic Maintenance to the installation by a qualified person once a year. By doing business with a SCIOS certified company it automatically meets these requirements.


SCIOS certified companies make use of a central sign-off system. All inspection activities (as well as the EBIs) will be registered in the sign-off system. During approval and issuing the needed certificate the activities will be signed off in the system. Environmental officers and other law enforcement officers have access to this system. They can see whether a combustion plant meets all the requirements set by law in one glance.

For further information regarding the SCIOS Scope 7a and 7b we refer you to our detailed brochure. In case you need some personal advise, our Service Manager Rob van de Heijden would be glad te be of your service. You can reach him by phone 06-2359 9048 or by email

Fault indication

Should you have an urgent malfunction, please call our 24-hour service line, 085 - 4897159. You will be automatically redirected to the duty mechanic.

You can download the form to the right if a non-urgent fault occurs. You can send this form as an attachment to

The forms are immediately dealt with, except for saturdays, sundays and holidays. You can then call our 24-hour service line with the phone number mentioned above for urgent matters.