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gAVC 1200

When gas flows through a rotary or turbine gas meter with a variable temperature and gas pressure it is necessary to correct the volume measured by the
gas meter based on the ambient temperature and existing pressure.
The gAVC 1200 is a temperature and pressure gas conversion device which can be easily mounted on one of the above mentioned gas meters. By applying the gAVC 1200 temperature and pressure variations of the gas flowing through the gas meter are corrected to a reduced volume . By providing the gas meter with a gAVC 1200 an accurate gas measurement is realized.
The gAVC 1200 complies with all relevant European standards such as EN 12405 and MID on metrology, as well as the ATEX directive.

The gAVC 1200 may be directly mounted on the gas meter by means of a bracket or may be mounted on the wall. The converter is provided with a temperature sensor which should be placed in the gas stream. Various dimensions of temperature sensors are available.
The supplied cable must be connected to the LF output of the gas meter. The gAVC 1200 is suitable for installation in ATEX zone 1 and the housing is waterproof and meets IP65. The battery power supply has a capacity for about 15 years.

When the gAVC is placed in a hazardous area, an additional external communication unit can be placed in the safe zone. The communication can be established bij means of GSM, GPRS, PSTN or Ethernet. The communication device provides the gAVC 1200 with an external power supply and complies with the ATEX directive.


For further information, please refer to our product brochure and product configurator. This product configurator can be found by use
of this link.
Downloads of Manuals and Software can be found on the Suppport page. Our office staff are happy to assist you in making the right
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PDF Brochures gAVC 1200 Brochure gAVC 1200L Engels 31-10-2022
PDF Manual gAVC 1200 Firmware update gAVC 1200 6-2019 Engels 04-06-2019
ZIP Software gAVC 1200 gAVC1200 Config Setup 2.41.21 Engels 23-11-2022
PDF Manual gAVC 1200 Installation manual gAVC 1200L Engels 29-11-2022