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Odorisation systems

Because odorisation systems offered in the market are very expensive and very complicated, gAvilar has developed its own system for odorisation of a Bio2Grid installation. This system is extremely simple. Practice has shown that the operation is reliable, safe and needs low maintenance. We have chosen to mount the Williams pump under the storage tank of 30 liters so that the odorant itself flows to the pump. This makes the system self venting which guarentees reliable operation. The dosing pump injects a constant volume of odorant during each pump stroke, independently of the pressure in the gas line. A flow switch monitors the flow of the odorant at each stroke of the pump so that a correct operation is guaranteed. A calibrated glass tube next to the buffer tank does not only show the level of the odorant in the tank, but can also be used to check whether odorant is actual dosed. The panel can easily be mounted to the wall or be housed in a stainless steel cabinet. Optional we can offer;

  • a customer specific design
  • PLC control
  • operation shown in a web portal

If desired, we would be pleased to demonstrate the options to you in detail, or why not browse through the brochure for further information, which you can find at the bottom of this page.


We gladly inform you about every possibility. If desired, we are ready to provide you an extensive presentation of the options or look at the brochures for further information which you can find at the bottom of this page .

TypeCategoryProduct typeNameLanguageDate
PDF Brochures Gas Stations Odorisation system Engels 09-03-2023
PDF Manual Gas Stations Manual Odorisation System v1.04 Engels 02-07-2017