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CO2 Stations

We have developed a reading, regulating and dosing station for supplying CO2 to market gardeners. This installation can be controlled by the horticulture computer program, which means that there is always the right amount of CO2 present in the greenhouse. The pressure is reduced from 8 to, say, 2 bar, which means that the supplied consumption can be measured in an accountable way (measurement in accordance with the legislation). If desired, a communication unit can be fitted on the box that can be used to read the meter remotely. The installation can also be reprogrammed and switched off remotely, which makes differentiated tariffs possible. The installation can be fitted in a building structure or in a stainless steel casing.

An example is shown below:


Our office staff are happy to assist you in making the right choice by phone: +31 854897130 or email

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PDF Brochures Gas Stations Brochure CO2 Customer Delivery Station Engels 09-03-2023