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MEMS gasQS Products

gAvilar has been the exclusive dealer of Swiss MEMS products since 2021.

Mems AG develops and optimizes measuring equipment that provides you with the necessary knowledge about the quality of your gas. This means that the full potential can be utilized in a wide variety of application areas.

With gas quality measurement based on gasQS™ technology, you can continuously measure relevant process parameters on location. The technology is suitable for all processes where knowledge of the nature of the gas is important.

With the gasQS™ measuring equipment, thermal conductivity, heat capacity and, through an additional flow measurement using a critical orifice, density measurement can be measured. This sum of parameters is used to draw conclusions about gas quality factors such as the air/gas ratio, the methane number, the Wobbe number or the calorific value.

The innovative gasQS™ technology is the intellectual property of Mems and has been an internationally legally protected trademark since 2014.

There are 2 products for this, the gasQS™ flonic and the gasQS™ static

gasQS™ flonic:

Install, configure, measure - the gasQS™ flonic can be flexibly adapted to your application and requires no calibration or carrier gases.

Based on a micro thermal CMOS sensor in combination with a critical orifice and two valves, heat conduction, heat capacity and the relative density of natural gas can be measured. From these parameters, the device correlates different output values.

The system was completely developed by Mems AG. Thanks to the complex knowledge of physics, the individual components and their interaction, customer-specific applications can be implemented flexibly.

 -  Standalone device that does not require carrier gases.
 -  Setting an additional automatic control measurement possible through integrated control output.
 -  Additional output values can be added at any time in the current application.

We were able to configure the gasQS™ flonic in collaboration with Mems with our new gFLOW1500 evhi. There is a unique combination that can measure the heat value and the relative density together with the compressibility of the gas.

The measurement of the gas quality data provides a total energy measurement. Variation in gas quality is measured within one minute. The Wobbe index of the flowing gas is continuously calculated and displayed.


gasQS™ static:

Install, connect, start measuring – The most compact and fastest of our measuring devices determines various properties of binary and virtual binary gas mixtures.

The gasQS™ static accurately determines the heat conduction using a micro thermal sensor. For binary gas mixtures (e.g. biogas) can derive the percentage of the gases and calculate various gas properties such as calorific value and density with high accuracy.

- Easy integration into the operating system.
- Only minimal interventions in the piping system and no exhaust pipe are required.


For more detailed information, please refer to our product brochures listed below. Our office staff are also happy to help you make the right choice under telephone number: 085-4897130 or send an email to

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PDF Brochures MEMS producten MEMS QS flonic Engels 04-01-2023
PDF Brochures MEMS producten MEMS QS Static Engels 04-01-2023