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gAVC 1200 Accessories

This page shows an overview of the various options which can be supplied with a gAVC1200.

For mounting the gAVC 1200 we have a stainless steel bracket available which can be mounted on a flange (M16). The correction device can be attached directly to this bracket.

The gAVC1200 can be provided with various option cards allowing additional features such as:

  • Power supply - 230 VAC
  • ATEX 5Vdc power supply for permanent supply
  • HF input (A + B) with Error-curve correction
  • Puls input card
  • Encoder input
  • Analogue outputs
  • Analogue inputs 4-20 mA for reading pressure and temperature
  • Analogue input for ISO 5167 orifice meter
  • Communication controller for GSM/GPRS/PSTN/ETHERNET, multidrop bus and protocol conversion
  • PSTN modem
  • GSM/GPRS modem
  • Ethernet card for TCP/IP communication

With an optical read head with USB connection, the gAVC1200 can be programmed and data can be read. The reading head contains a magnet to attach the head to the front of the gAVC. The reading head can be connected to the PC with a USB communication port with a USB-B connector. A special driver * is required to operate this interface.

The UniWire communication cable RS232 allows connection between the gAVC 1200 UniWire communication port (XP2) and a RS-232 port. The cable has a 9-pole sub-D connector with LED to indicate the message of Tx and Rx. The other end is open with 2 wires with cable shoes so that a good connection can be made. With an UniWire communication cable USB, a connection can be made between the UniWire communication port (XP2) and a USB port. A special driver * is required to operate this interface.

*The driver for the USB connection is available on the bottom of this page. There is also an installation instruction available.


Our office staff are happy to assist you in making the right choice under the telephone number: 085-4897130 or send an email to

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