Gas Booster installation

Due to the introduction of green gas, there may be periods when the gas network becomes full, so that the green gas supplier
can no longer dispose of its gas. In order to utilize the possibility of feeding in green gas as much as possible, gAvilar has developed
a gas booster installation. This installation is connected to the relevant gas network and brings the gas to a higher pressure, after
which it is injected into a higher-lying gas network.

A few examples:

  •  4 bar subnet > injection on the 8 bar subnet;
  • 8 bar subnet > injection on the 40 bar subnet.

The partial networks with higher pressure are in most situations more extensive and, for example, also have industrial customers who
also purchase gas in the summer. The booster installation works completely autonomously and is equipped with extensive protections
to prevent unsafe situations. The installation can be read remotely via our web portal so that you always have insight into the functioning
of the installation. The measurement data is logged and stored for 5 years so that you have the opportunity to analyze data.


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