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Certified energy measurement by the combination of gFlow1500 and the Mems gasQS™ flonic sensor.

Published on 8 February 2024

New at gAvilar: certified energy measurement through the combination of gFlow1500 and the Mems gasQS™ flonic sensor.

Discover the future of accurate energy measurement with the revolutionary combination of the gFlow1500 volume reduction
instrument and the advanced Mems gasQS™ flonic sensor. Together, they form the ultimate solution for energy measurements
that not only comply with the strict OIML R140 standards but also align completely with MID guidelines.

The gFlow1500, renowned for its compact design and ease of use, truly shines when paired with the precision of the Mems gasQS™
flonic sensor. This combination ensures MID-compliant energy measurement, essential for both end-users and energy companies
striving for accuracy and reliability in their energy management. A fixed composition of gases is no longer a given, particularly
due to the addition of biogases and hydrogen in the gas network. Variable gas quality is accurately measured and updated every
30 seconds. The combination is certified with certificate number T12271.

The innovative Mems gasQS™ flonic sensor seamlessly integrates with the gFlow1500, providing unparalleled precision in measuring
gas volumes and qualities. This enables not only the precise determination of gas quantity but also its calorific value, crucial for
accurate energy measurement. In addition to calorific value, the relative density and compressibility of the gas are measured.
These measured values are applied by the gFlow 1500 for reduction.

Mems gasQS™ flonic sensor

The Mems gasQS™ flonic sensor is certified according to OIML R140 class B with certificate number TC12470.

Thanks to the robust aluminum housing of the gFlow1500, with an IP66 protection class, this solution is perfectly suitable for
both indoor and outdoor use. The ATEX certification for zone 1 ensures that the gFLOW1500 can be installed directly on the
gas meter, thereby ensuring safety in potentially explosive environments.


The combination of gFlow1500 and the Mems gasQS™ flonic sensor offers a flexible and future-proof solution for all your
energy measurement needs. Switch to this advanced technology now and experience how simple and efficient energy
measurement can be, fully compliant with the latest industry standards.