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WMR-series approved for Hydrogen

Published on 23 December 2020

Recent gAvilar has received a “Declaration of performance to AR 214” for the home pressure regulator
type WMR from Kiwa. The house pressure regulators have been tested on mixtures of methane and
hydrogen up to 100% hydrogen. All these tests have been successfully completed.

gAvilar is the first supplier that can supply a house pressure regulator that is suitable for use with hydrogen
in accordance with KE 214. In September 2019 we also received a “Declaration of performance to AR 214” for
the gas meter bracket. Now that the home pressure regulator has also been inspected, we are ready for the
application of hydrogen in homes. We are already involved in various pilots.

We are currently working hard on the approval of industrial regulators, pressure safety equipment and even
complete measuring and control stations for hydrogen application.