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gACC-499 Communication unit

The gACC-499 is a multifunctional communication unit with integrated datalogger. The gACC-499 is used in the so-called medium-sized enterprises where only a gas meter is used for billing. This usually refers to measurements with a consumption up to 170.000 Nm3 per year. The unit is then used as an hour-logger for the consumption of gas. The metercounter can be read and retrieved remotely. The configuration of the retrieve frequency and logging interval are stored in a XML-file.

Besides that, the gACC-499 can be connected to a gAVC 1200. The volume of gas measured by the gasmeter is corrected on the basis of the ambient gastemperature and existing gaspressure to a volume at standard conditions. With the aid of the communication unit de meter reading can be transmitted  to (push) or retrieved by (pull) a server.

The gACC-499 can be delivered in a 230 V power supply or with battery power. The 230 V power supply version kan be used for short measuring cycles and frequent communication. Also the 230 V power supply provides power for the gAVC 1200 when connected to the gACC-499.
The battery powered version is most suitable for daily, weekly or monthly communication and has a life span of 5 years under normal use.
In order to comply with the ATEX directive, the gACC-499 should be installed in a safe zone.


For further information, please refer to our product brochure at the bottom of this page. Downloads of Manuals and Software can be found on the Support page. Our office staff are happy to assist you in making the right choice by phone: +31 854897130 or email

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